Send Files

File Guidelines

Vector Art

  • CorelDraw ... save as version 10 or earlier
  • Adobe Illustrator ... save as version 8 or earlier
  • Please convert all text or symbols to curves and send the .TTF (TrueType Font) used.
  • Please use spot colors for fills (PMS colors). Mixed CMYK colors look different from one screen to the next.
  • PMS numbers give us a more accurate indication of the final color required.
  • Any separate lines must be made into actual vector outlines. Strokes will not convert into a cuttable object, so please convert all strokes to outlines as well.

Raster Art

  • Any embedded TIF, PSD, or other bitmap must be sent as well (if to be included on the sign).
  • Save files as an .EPS if embedded.
  • Raster images may also be sent as a separate file.
  • Do Not Send .GIF's. These are usually low resolution images for internet purposes.
  • .JPG files are better if saved with no compression.
  • Make sure image will be a minimum of 72 d.p.i. at full printed size.
  • High resolution images (300 d.p.i. +) and CMYK colors will yield the best results.